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 First mini dragon of the year!

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Young dragon
Young dragon

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PostSubject: First mini dragon of the year!   Tue Jun 08, 2010 6:18 pm

Antique Silver and Metallic Plum Mini Dragon

First mini dragon of the year! This little lady is 12" long from snout to tail tip, has a 12.5" wingspan, and sits 4" to the top of her black horns. Her basic color is a metallic plum and the wings are antique silver with hints of plum undertones. The undertones show up much better in person as I am sure you can understand.. The biggest problem with very shiny metallic silver is it reflects light really well when trying to photograph it.

She is made from polymer clay and is painted with metallic acrylic paints. This mini dragon will be mounted on a peridot green round storage box and offered for sale here in town.

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First mini dragon of the year!
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