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 Magic and Abstinance

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PostSubject: Magic and Abstinance   Fri Feb 27, 2009 6:26 pm

When you do ritual or spell work, do you abstain from having things like caffeine, or alcohol?

Do you fast before ritual or eat a little something?

If so, why? If not, why not?

My answer: Caffeine, no. Basically because I don't indulge in large quantities of caffeine containing beverages. A cup of coffee before ritual or doing spell work I don't believe would have any adverse affect for anyone who doesn't already have a medical sensitivity to caffeine.

Refraining from alcohol is a definite "yes," though. Caffeine has never been shown to impair one's judgment or concentration unless taken in medically dangerous amounts. But alcohol definitely affects both concentration and judgment even after only one drink. It might not be by much depending on one's tolerance levels, but it does have a measurable effect.

Now depending on the work being performed, I might have a sip of wine during what is known as the "Cakes and Ale" part of a ritual which is an offering and sharing of energies between one's self and other participants in the ritual... both corporeal and non... but that's it and any thing left over in the cup or chalice is poured out on the ground as a final offering to the genus loci or "spirits of the land"

With regards to fasting, That would be a "no." I generally have something light about an hour before. I find that if I go into ritual hungry the fact that I am hungry tends to intrude on my thought processes and concentration a little. Not to mention there is nothing more likely to spoil the mood of a ritual like a loudly grumbling stomach. On the other hand, a big or heavy meal tends to make me a little sleepy which again takes away from my ability to fully concentrate and to raise and direct energy. For me a salad, or a light sandwich before ritual is the way to go.

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Magic and Abstinance
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