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 A Theory on Problem Hauntings

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Young dragon
Young dragon

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PostSubject: A Theory on Problem Hauntings   Fri Feb 27, 2009 5:38 pm

This may ramble a bit, so please bear with me...

Two types of TV programming I like to watch are home improvement/design shows and "paranormal investigation" shows. The first for ideas on fixing up my 150 year old antique home and the other because they are sometimes interesting, sometimes actually kind of funny.

What got me to thinking about this is a statistic that says in the US most people only live in their houses an average of 9 years before selling and moving on. Everything done in design or home improvement shows is done with the idea of resale where the "experts" are always talking about how every design choice should be made with thoughts of what a future buyer would like.

It got me wondering how many people who buy a house ever actually take the full spiritual ownership necessary to truly turn it into a home. Used to be "home is where the heart is." Now it seems "home" is simply someplace where you hang your hat. Big difference, IMHO.

Now, with regards to shows like A Haunting and Paranormal State where people have a problem with "demonic possession" or disruptive ghosts, the home owners rarely are successful at getting rid of the troublesome spooks. Bringing in so-called "paranormal experts" to get rid of the problem generally either only works for a short period and often tends to make the matters worse.

How much of this is because the homeowners have not taken full spiritual ownership of their property, but merely view it more as temporary housing until something else comes along?

It seems that without taking full spiritual ownership along with physical ownership, the homeowner may not be perceived by the spooks as having the legitimate authority necessary to command them to either behave themselves or leave. The "experts" aren't any more successful at spook removal than the homeowners because they are simply acting as the homeowner's agent. If the homeowner doesn't have the spiritual authority to force a spook to leave, then why would their agent.

I've lived in a lot of different places. But in every place I've ever lived, before any furniture arrived I cleansed the space and let any critters who might also be around know that this was now *my* place and if they wanted to stay they had better mind their manners. If not, they were out. My home, my rules. And I've never had a problem with I couldn't successfully deal with.

So.... thoughts?

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Wee lil hatchy
Wee lil hatchy

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PostSubject: Re: A Theory on Problem Hauntings   Mon Mar 09, 2009 6:19 pm

Our house is a bit more that a hundred years old. I heard odd, unexplained noises (like typing machine noises from the attic, whilst no one ever goes to the attic where we kept an old typing machine, not to mention the fact that everybody in the house was in one room with me... so i doubt they could have reproduced the noise; on other occasions whispers coming from nowhere i.e. you can't pinpoint the direction) we didn't know what the sources were or might have been. We know little to nothing of the house, but it - these phenomenas - never gotten any more "severe". In my country people live usually in one house in the most of their lives. When I moved to our "new" house (the 100+ year old) i swear that even after emptying the old quarters of mine, i could feel the presence, the aura of my former lair. It was a strange feeling, having spent 16 years there, it sort of left a mark in my memory. The new house is good, after a year it seemed to be like my old lair, a bit bigger, a bit different but mine.
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A Theory on Problem Hauntings
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