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 Lets Change the World

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PostSubject: Lets Change the World   Wed Oct 01, 2008 8:17 am

alright, so weve all talked about it. weve all talked about changing the world. weve discussed our ideas with friends, with family, what we would change about the world if we could. now what? talking and saying you SHOULD do something is one thing, but nobody ever gets past that and actually DOES anything. so, what are we going to do? like i said, if we want our efforts to have any effect whatsoever, we need to band together and combine our efforts! do you think your governor is going to be bothered by one letter? or maybe two? i dont think so. but what about a whole community? or two? or five? i dont think this is the only community any of you go to, i know for a fact most of you go to at least one other place, and im sure more than half of you visit non-otherkin/furry communities. so what are we going to do? i say we start by addressing the issues. what problems do we have with our government? and dont say stuff like "it sucks" or "they dont care". be specific. start with real problems. start with specific subjects that you want to see changed, and think of an alternative that will work. i say we all pick a subject and write to our president, prime minister, or whatever. if you cant write, ask someone who can. first off, everyone pick a subject. lets do this, lets not sit back and watch our countries go to shit, lets change the world! this is how things start, this is how stuff gets done. half of you will say "hey that sounds cool, but ill do it tomorrow" or simply sit back and say "its too much work, me not writing a letter wont help either way" well know this, you and the other ten people per community not doing anything will be the only reason this will FAIL. we all need to do our part, we all need to put our little bit into the puzzle, even one person can make a difference. just think, the president suddenly getting dozens of letters a day about our concerns. im sure he already does, lets show what we can do together!

i will be writing to my governor talking about how ferrets are illegal in california. why are they illegal? by accident, ferrets were placed on the illegal pet list, and the bigwigs dont want to marr their pride by admitting they are wrong. the problem? ferrets are wrongfully illegalised. the fix? remove them from the list make it so that people have to have a permit to own them, assuring that only knowlegable persons will own ferrets, thus making them available again, making services such as veteranery aid available to those who still have them, and making sure that ignorent and unfit owners will not put their ferrets in danger. perhaps a test to see whether or not they even know how to take care of them, there is a lot to taking care of ferrets, a lot more than i realised. i did all my research, and im sure that i can handle it and im glad i wont make any mistakes i would have had i not done my homework.

so what are you going to do?

I love you. I'm sorry. I forgive you. Thank you.

Time for sleepy, dream of new life, new reality, new wings.
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Wee lil hatchy
Wee lil hatchy

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PostSubject: Re: Lets Change the World   Thu Oct 02, 2008 10:38 pm

It is nice to have the want to do something constructive instead of dreaming of doing so one day. Too bad that sadly the motives that make people come to any decision is financial. Unless people are moving in great masses.
That, and such ...Foolish ways to make amends for certain things as you described is ridiculous.
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Lets Change the World
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